AI Algorithms Find Use in Pharma Equipment

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Trends in Manufacturing, May 2023 eBook, Volume 2023 eBook, Issue 4
Pages: 28–31

Machine learning provides real-time data for process control of high-shear wet granulation.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment companies and technology providers are exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit process control systems. Two Italian companies—pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer Luperini and technology start-up Eigengran—partnered to launch AI-enabled equipment for oral solid dosage drugs that they have called Cognitive Pharma Machinery.

Luperini signed a licensing agreement to use Eigengran’s cognitive control technology in December 2022, following 18 months of testing and development. The initial work focused on high-shear wet-granulation (HSWG). In one-pot HSWG equipment, such as that made by Luperini, the entire granulation process, including the drying step, is performed within one unit. This set-up was well-suited for the initial project of developing a cognitive control system using process analytical technology (PAT) sensors to monitor the progression of the granulation process over time.


“Our technology is a key element in the application of PAT guidelines for oral drug production and will be a key step towards achieving Pharma 4.0 practice in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process,” said Marco Luperini, chief technology officer of Luperini, in an announcement of the technology (1). Luperini’s new test center in Chiesina Uzzanese, Italy houses pilot machines for evaluation to simulate conditions that may be encountered in real-world scenarios.

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Pharmaceutical Technology
eBook: Trends in Manufacturing
May 2023
Pages: 28–31


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