Aptamer Group Signs Deal with Flip Gene Therapeutics

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Aptamer Group has signed a deal with Flip Gene Therapeutics to support the development of inducible gene therapies.

Aptamer Group and Flip Gene Therapeutics have negotiated a deal to use Aptamer Group’s Optimer technology to support Flip Gene Therapeutics’ gene therapy platform. Under the agreement, Aptamer Group will develop Optimer binders to several small-molecule targets, which will be incorporated into Flip Gene Therapeutics’ gene therapy platform with the goal of developing pharmacologically inducible gene therapeutics that are controllable with a gene switch.

The agreement includes initial upfront payments for Optimer development, with the potential for further licensing payments for the developed Optimer binders, and development and commercial milestone payments upon clinical and commercial success.

Optimer binders are oligonucleotide-based affinity ligands. They offer a solution to support novel gene therapy development through their potential for increased success in discovery over a broader target range and the ability to tune their half-life.


“I am delighted to have established this agreement to develop Optimer binders to enable inducible treatments in this exciting field of gene therapy,” said Dr. Arron Tolley, CEO of Aptamer Group, in a press release. “We will be working closely with our partner Flip Gene Therapeutics on developing and assessing the Optimer binders to function as part of their gene therapy platform. The interest in pursuing Optimer binders as part of their therapeutic modality offers a strong endorsement of the technology.”

Source: Aptamer Group