Ashland to Present New Pharma Solutions at CPhI Worldwide 2019

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Ashland will be presenting new devices at booth 102B13 at CPhI Worldwide.

Ashland announced on Oct. 31, 2019 that it will be presenting three new pharmaceutical solutions at CPhI Worldwide from Nov. 5–7 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The new devices include:

  • Plasdone S630 Ultra-an updated version of the original Plasdone S630 that is suited for improved performance in tablet formulations, hot melt extrusion, and in continuous processing. The update also includes enhanced long-term stability for oxidative sensitive APIs and the potential to reduce manufacturing costs.

  • Benecel XR and XRF-two HPMC products that feature polymer structures and particle morphology that allow for the formulation of safe, effective, and robust oral solid controlled-release dose forms. The devices come equipped with improved compactibility that enables the production of tablets under high-throughput large-scale tableting operations, consistent particle size distribution, and bulk density that provides improved powder flowability and content uniformity, as well as lower tablet weight variability.

  • Viatel bioresorbable polymers-a line of products for parenteral and controlled-release drug delivery.

“Ashland has significant history in pharmaceuticals. We offer one of the largest ranges of products for oral-solid dosage forms as well as [now] having products for the injectables market. Ashland is building on its solid foundation to help our customers find the best excipient and formulation solutions,” said John Carney, vice president, Pharma, Ashland, in a company press release.

Ashland will be presenting the new devices at booth 102B13 at CPhI Worldwide.

Source: Ashland