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The PeroXeal™ packaging concept protects BASF’s Kollidon® products from atmospheric oxygen, increasing stability and ensuring consistent performance. This opens the door for entirely new applications – in particular for oxygen-sensitive APIs.

BASF Pharma Ingredients and Services

The innovative PeroXeal™ packaging concept sets new standards in the market by protecting BASF’s PVP-based excipients (marketed under the trade name Kollidon®) from environmental influences such as atmospheric oxygen. Thanks to the new packaging, which applies established barrier technologies to the needs of the pharmaceutical ingredient market, Kollidon’s peroxide content can be reduced to a level comparable with that of naturally-based raw materials. This significantly increases stability and ensures consistent performance – and makes Kollidon a viable alternative to cellulose when working with oxygen-sensitive ingredients.

As the packaging extends Kollidon’s retest period to up to four years, customers benefit from increased flexibility in the planning, handling and shipping of goods. Additionally, the longer shelf life helps mitigate risk and provides a greater safety margin.

The PeroXeal packaging concept is a combination of multiple film layers complemented by inert gas flushing and heat sealing. The foil comprises three distinct functional layers, each specifically designed to shield the product from environmental influences. The transparent inner lining is compatible with non-invasive NIR testing – so packaging remains airtight until the product is put to use.


A large number of Kollidon products are already available in PeroXeal packaging – at no additional cost to the customer.

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