Bayer Buys Rights to Isis Pharma’s Blood Thinner for Up to $155 Million

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Bayer announces that it will pay up to $155 million, plus royalties, for the rights to Isis Pharma’s anti-clotting drug, ISIS-FXI.


Bayer announced on May 4, 2015 that it would pay $100 million upfront, with the potential of an additional $55 million, to Isis Pharma for its blood-thinner ISIS-FXIRX. The additional $55 million is subject to the success of a Phase II study in patients with compromised kidney function.

According to Reuters, Bayer plans to evaluate ISIS-FXIRX in patients that are unable to receive other blood thinners due to a high risk of bleeding, and has plans to look into more uses for the drug in anticoagulation. Isis is also eligible to receive milestone payments and tiered royalties “in the low- to high-twenty percent range on gross margins of ISIS-FXI” writes Reuters.


According to Isis’ website, data exhibits evidence that the drug prevents clotting without increasing bleeding, unlike other anticoagulants. The drug targets a clotting factor, called Factor XI, produced in the liver, which aides in coagulation and of which high levels increase the risk for clotting.

Source: Reuters