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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-09-02-2018, Volume 42, Issue 9
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Sharing know-how can help resolve common bio/pharma technical challenges.

If companies make pre-competitive advances on manufacturing processes, noted Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at FDA, to the audience at an FDA Town Hall session at BIO 2018, they can concentrate more resources on making a better drug.

Industry-wide cooperative efforts, however, are difficult to accomplish. Overworked bio/pharma professionals cannot spare time, and drug companies do not want to invest financial resources in consortiums or efforts that cannot demonstrate bottom-line results. Perhaps the greatest hurdle to cooperation is the resistance to share information about internal business or technical operations outside of the company.

As an independent channel for information and insight about pharmaceutical formulation, development, and manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Technology stands ready to publish and share the latest advances, technologies, and processes for bio/pharmaceutical development. We need, however, input from experts working in bio/pharma.

Although 2019 is four months away, for the publishing world, the new year is right around the corner. The editorial calendar, a list of topics that Pharmaceutical Technology will cover each month, is complete, and the editors are seeking contributions. Now is a good time to remind bio/pharma experts of ways they can contribute.

Peer-review papers

Peer-review papers provide science and technical insight into drug formulation and manufacturing processes including method development, materials analysis, validation studies, equipment testing, and regulatory process analysis. Four types of peer-review submissions are considered: standard data-driven, novel research papers; technical case studies/application notes; topical literature or patent reviews; and science-based opinion papers.

The double-blind review period typically takes four to six weeks. Accepted papers are scheduled for publication on a first-accepted basis and usually are published four to six months following acceptance.


Technical articles and expert insight

PharmTech editors welcome contributions from experts at bio/pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities, industry suppliers, and consultants on a range of development, manufacturing, quality, regulatory, analytical, operational, supply chain, and outsourcing topics. Specific topics are listed on the editorial calendar.

Industry experts can participate by authoring objective, technical articles, or by providing expert commentary for articles authored by the editors. Ideas for contributions should be discussed with the editors in advance. To start the process, contact us about four months prior to publication.

Submission guidelines

To keep the contributions focused on advancing bio/pharma development and manufacturing, the editors employ these guidelines:

  • Pharmaceutical Technology does not charge a fee to publish an editorial-driven article; however, all submissions are reviewed and edited by the editorial team; final publication is determined by the editors.

  • All submissions must be original and cannot have been published previously in any format-including company literature or website postings or in another language.

  • The contributed paper must be objective and cannot promote a company’s products or services.

  • Authors are expected to provide suitable references to published third-party literature to support all statements in submitted manuscripts.

  • Authors are required to sign a license agreement prior to publication.

Detailed submission guidelines are listed on On the site, click the Submission Guideline link to learn more about authoring a peer-review paper or technical article; review instructions to prepare the document, figures, and tables; and view the editorial calendar for 2019.

Our theme for the year is Transforming Bio/Pharma Development and Manufacturing. I hope you collaborate with us.

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Pharmaceutical Technology
Vol. 42, No. 9
September 2018
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