BENEO Celebrates Anniversary of galenIQ at CPhI

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The company celebrates the 10th anniversary of its filler-binder excipient at CPhI Worldwide.

BENEO celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company’s water-soluble filler-binder excipient, galenIQ, at CPhI Worldwide in October 2015.  The filler-binder is derived from beet sugar, has a mildly sweet, sugar-like taste, and is useful in plant extract and pediatric formulations.

During the past decade, BENEO’s continuous investment in developing galenIQ’s performance has increased the number of available grades to meet the specific requirements of different pharmaceutical applications, following the original launch of agglomerated product grades 720 and 721 for direct compression, with eight different grades, all of which have a shelf-life of 36 and 60 months, respectively.

The galenIQ range offers specific free-flowing and highly compressible grades for direct compression. Additional grades are available for wet granulation and processing technologies such as hot-melt extrusion, roller compaction, fluid bed agglomeration and film and sugar coating, and as a sugar-free starter core for multiple unit systems.  The grades’ specific morphology promotes high content uniformity, ideal for both very high- and low-dose applications.


Michael Black, head of sales pharma, commented: “It’s a great time to look back at ten years of success and positive development. galenIQ is globally recognized and appreciated for its unique characteristics and, in particular, for contributing to the palatability of many pharmaceutical products which is especially important in pediatrics and veterinary medicines. There are promising opportunities ahead, though, and we are constantly investigating the sensorial advantages that can be achieved with this highly versatile excipient.”

Source: BENEO