BHS-Sonthofen Presents Lab and Pilot Filter System for Tests and Small-Scale Production

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The mechanical process technology company will exhibit its technological and consulting services for solid-liquid filtration applications at Achema 2018.

BHS-Sonthofen, a company that offers technical solutions for mechanical process technology, will showcase its technological and consulting services for solid-liquid filtration applications at Alchema 2018, taking place June 11–15 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Laboratory tests and pilot systems are decision-making tools

BHS provides support in selecting the most suitable filter technology based on a series of tests carried out using its own laboratory and pilot filter systems. The company’s exhibit at Alchema will feature a rotary pressure filter (RPF) as a pilot filter system and an indexing belt filter (BF) as a lab filter system. These filter systems represent two alternative processes: filtration using pressure and filtration using vacuum. The RPF offers continuous filtration of different suspensions in complex production processes. The BF is a continuously operating, horizontal vacuum filter that allows for reliable and gentle separation of sedimentation solids.

According to the company, an extensive analysis of the existing processes is carried out at the start of every new project to fully tap the efficiency potential. In this analysis, potential technological solutions are investigated in laboratory tests and pilot systems. Following the investigation, a final decision can be made and the appropriate machine can be installed. 

Indexing belt filters offer procedural diversity

The indexing belt filter on display in the company’s laboratory size is used as a continuously operating, horizontal vacuum filter for separating sedimenting solids from suspensions. The filter cake formed on the conveyor belt can be further processed in various ways. The design facilitates uniform suspension feeding via optimized distribution devices that introduce the solids into the process.

The company’s indexing belt filters are used in the pharmaceutical industry in the production of antibiotics, natural extracts and hormone derivatives, among other industries. Suspensions are processed in closed and inert systems. BHS will present its type BF 010-010B indexing belt filter.


Pilot filters for determining plant engineering needs

BHS will present the RPF P01, which is both the smallest of its kind and a compact, yet structurally identical version of the tried-and-tested rotary pressure filter, the company reports. 

The identical design ensures that the settings are fully scalable to larger production filters at a later stage and thus facilitates the development of large-scale production systems for chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The system allows for optimizing each individual technical process. 

The range of applications for rotary pressure filters includes intermediate plastic products, pharmaceutical products, paints, pigments and cellulose products. Single-batch production in pharmaceutical quality is possible by supporting counter-current washing, displacement washing, and closed-cycle washing during the filter cycle.

Source: BHS-Sonthofen, Hall 5, Booth C43