BioClean BarrierPlus™ Sterile Gauntlet

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Nitritex Ltd is a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of high quality cleanroom consumables, marketed under the BioClean™ brand. Products include gloves, goggles, masks and garments designed for critical environments where product and process protection is paramount

BioClean BarrierPlus™ Sterile Gauntlets (S-BBNG) are designed for use in highly controlled environments setting the standard for cleanliness and quality assurance.

Processed in an ISO Class 4 Cleanroom, BioClean BarrierPlus gauntlets have incredibly low levels of particulates and are packed in cleanroom compatible EasyTear™ packaging. Manufactured from white-coloured accelerator-free nitrile (a stretchy, synthetic rubber), they are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including a selection of commonly-used chemotherapy drugs.  Nitrile also exhibits excellent ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) properties.

Each BioClean BarrierPlus gauntlet is visually inspected for holes on five separate occasions throughout the manufacturing process, along with water and air pressure testing, to guarantee delivery of a gauntlet 100% free from holes.

BioClean BarrierPlus™ Sterile Gauntlets are available in lengths of up to 840mm (33”) and three port sizes from 150mm to 300mm (6.0” to 12”). 


Also available from the BioClean BarrierPlus range is a sterile mitten (S-BBNM) for use when interventions are rare and access speed is critical, and a sleeve (S-BBNS0) available in lengths of up to 660mm (26”), and suitable for port sizes from 150mm (6.0”) to 300mm (12”).  With a cuff diameter of 90mm (3.5”) the sleeves will fit the majority of available cuff ring systems.

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