BioPhorum Launches Biomanufacturing Technology Roadmap

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Industry collaboration group releases technology roadmap to address pressure on biopharmaceutical manufacturers to innovate biomanufacturing processes.

On July 20, 2017, the BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG), a cross-industry collaboration, announced it published The Technology Roadmap for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry, to address the pressure biomanufacturers face to innovate biomanufacturing platforms. Biomanufacturers are facing pressure from current biopharmaceutical industry trends, including continued market growth, the arrival of new product groups, cost pressure, and the trend toward localized manufacture. BPOG’s technology roadmap identifies common biomanufacturer needs and shares those needs with supply partners, academics, regional innovation hubs, regulators, and government agencies, to align directions and enable pre-competitive collaboration.

The technology roadmap comprises eight documents, including an executive summary, an overview, and sections on six enabling technologies and capabilities. Thirty-one member companies contributed to the roadmap, with additional input from leading academics and regional innovation hubs. In total, 160 people are actively involved in the roadmapping process, according to BPOG in a company press release. Six teams visualized future manufacturing scenarios and were tasked with roadmapping key enabling technologies and capabilities, including: in-line monitoring and real-time release; knowledge management; supply partnership management; process technology; automated facility; and modular and mobile systems.


Source: BioPhorum Operations Group