Biotage Expands Lipid Capacity with New Facility

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Biotage’s new facility in Cardiff, UK, will produce lipids using large-scale flash purification.

Biotage started up a bespoke production facility in Cardiff, United Kingdom, for the large-scale purification of lipids used in mRNA vaccine development and production, the company announced in an August 16, 2021 press release. The new facility expands its production capacity of large-scale flash columns by 300%.

“Our customers needed to manufacture their products on a significantly larger scale, and we were able to invest in an expansion of our existing production facilities to support their requirements. We were very pleased to be able to deliver this expansion in just over four months in order to meet the needs of present and potential new clients,” said Anders Wikström, executive vice-president of operations of Biotage, in the press release.

The availability of raw materials for mRNA vaccine production, particularly lipids, has been a bottleneck. The newly opened production facility will enable Biotage to meet the increase in demand for this vital market segment, without any disruption to existing clients already producing APIs, fine chemicals, natural products, or in other markets.


Source: Biotage