Bischof + Klein Invests in New Coex Extrusion Line

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With this new line, Bischof + Klein will double its extrusion capacities for its CleanFlex clean room films.

Bischof + Klein is investing in a new coex extrusion line, which will double its extrusion capacities for its CleanFlex clean room films. The investment was made to respond to the increasing demand for high-purity packaging for pharmaceuticals and the medical technology industry.

The existing ISO class 5 clean room according to DIN EN ISO 14644 is being extended by a further 460 m² to a total of three levels for this new line. A new 18-m high extruder tower is being integrated into the existing hall specifically for the new machine. The intention is to manufacture both existing product solutions as well as new developments, which have not yet been produced under clean room conditions, on the new machine.

The extension is located away from the current clean room extrusion facilities, resulting in two spatially separated extrusion areas. As part of the company’s risk management strategy, having two separated areas enables production to switch to another extrusion area in the event of malfunctions, thereby, ensuring supply security.


Planning and construction of the clean room were undertaken based on current standards such as DIN EN ISO 14644. Bischof + Klein is implementing online monitoring technology to monitor the clean room parameters to achieve maximum possible process safety and meet customers' increasing requirements. In the future, glass elements in the new area will enable auditors and visitors to take a look into the production department. Qualification and validation of the new production line and the products have been scheduled for spring of 2017.

Source: Bischof + Klein