Blow-Fill-Seal Equipment Can Be Installed in Cleanroom

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-01-21-2015, Issue 1

Rommelag's all-electric aseptic blow-fill-seal packaging system encapsulates the filling point and can be installed in a cleanroom.

Rommelag's bottelpack bp430, which uses blow–fill–seal (BFS) technology, is a fully electric aseptic packaging system. The mold is designed so that the point of filling within the parison is completely encapsulated from the surrounding environment. The modular system allows the separation into dark/white sides, so that a minimal cleanroom size (to contain approximately ¼ of the machine) is needed. The equipment can handle standard production rates up to 6.75 pieces per hour. Filling is carried out using standard time–pressure dosing or a disposable filling system with peristaltic pumps. This disposable system eliminates the need for clean-in-place validation and guarantees almost no product loss, which is crucial for high-value products. Typical fields of applications are the aseptic filling of products such as eye-drops, injection solutions, inhalation solutions, or oral solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Source: Rommelag