Boehringer Ingelheim Launches Open-Access Platform of Selected Preclinical Molecules

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The platform offers scientists access to best-in-class molecules supported by comprehensive data packages.

Boehringer Ingelheim announced on Nov. 20, 2017, the launch of a new platform, called, which offers free and open access to selected preclinical molecules for non-clinical investigation to scientists around the world. The company says it will share molecules for some of the most relevant targets in biomedical research on the new platform, with the aim of creating possibilities for further independent and collaborative discovery as well as the identification of novel therapies for patients.

The molecules on fall in two categories, offered under different terms. Most of the molecules can be accessed via a simple shopping cart system, without having to enter into intellectual property discussions. For selected molecules, a crowdsourcing option offers the opportunity to initiate joint research projects. Those interested are invited to submit a research proposal for molecules in this group and if the proposal is selected, the science will be developed together with scientists from Boehringer Ingelheim. 

This launch is part of Boehringer Ingelheim’s ongoing mission to further scientific research and medical progress through collaboration and innovation. The company has started other similar initiatives including Research Beyond Borders and the Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, which are part of the company’s long-standing and continuing work in core therapeutic areas of cardiometabolic diseases, respiratory diseases, oncology, central nervous system diseases, and immunology. 

“Working together with scientists across the world, we can accelerate research in a wide range of biomedical research areas,” said Clive R. Wood, PhD, senior corporate vice-president, Discovery Research at Boehringer Ingelheim, in a press statement. “This exciting new initiative further expands Boehringer Ingelheim’s global external innovation footprint and will help unlock the full potential of some of our most interesting compounds. By sharing these compounds with scientists around the world, we will advance scientific research and expect to spark discoveries that will lead to safe and effective new medicines for patients.”                           


Wood invites interested scientists worldwide to visit to access the company’s molecules. “We will measure the success of this initiative in terms of new experiments, publications, and relationships forged,” he commented in the same press release. “This approach to open innovation reflects our determination to break down barriers to the advancement of biomedical research and bring breakthrough medicines to patients.” 

Source: Boehringer Ingelheim