Bohle Film Coater

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Bohle coaters guarantee excellent product processing with exceptionally high profitability and the best coating uniformity in the market.
The flat tablet bed in long drum geometry, as well as the continuous adjustment of the inclination angle ensures optimal movement of the cores. The integrated mixing spirals in the drum enable continuous product movement. There is no tablet twinning, therefore minor losses in solids and coatings.

Innovative concepts for processes as well as for cleaning improve the coater functionality and deliver outstanding results.
The type of air system reveals significant process-related advantages. Danger of spray drying of suspension no longer exists. This reduces spray losses and improves the structure of the coating. Tablets are handled more carefully thanks to the pan geometry and the mixing and conveyor elements. Through change of direction of pan rotation, tablets can be discharged completely and without containments.
The Bohle film coater BFC is the high-end version of the Bohle coater series designed specifically for high speed, problem-free coating, providing unparalleled tablet uniformity and efficiencies. A high containment execution is also available.
Besides the BFC further coating machines are available such as the tablet coater BTC, the BFC TriPan with three exchangeable drums and the laboratory coater BFC 5.


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