bottelpack® 430 – compact blow-fill-seal technology

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The bottelpack® 430 is a compact blow-fill-seal installation with one mould for the production of ampoules in PE, PP or other resins. It is ideal for small batch sizes.



What is expected from a compact and flexible laboratory BFS machine? On the one hand, there was the requirement to build a compact machine with a minimal mould size to keep the costs for trials and stability tests, etc. with various mould tools low. On the other hand, such a machine should utilize the advantages provided by the rotation machine technology (continuous parison, little plastic waste) of the popular bottelpack® 460/461 models. The result of this mix is the bp430 – a combined shuttle and rotation machine. The basic principle of the rotation machine technology with a continuous, extruded, uncut parison forms the basis for this machine. The mould follows the continuously extruded parison during the blow-fill-seal process. Once the mould has been opened, it cycles back and is positioned directly above the recently produced ampoule bar to shape the next block. This creates a continuous ampoule strip that is fed into an external punch. The bottelpack® 430 is ideal as a laboratory machine and also for small batch sizes. The filling system features state-of-the-art servo motors, an ergonomic design, easy operation and is also equipped with a dark/white separation design.



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