Canister Desiccant Inserter is a Flexible, Plug-and-Play Solution

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Omega Design’s auto-indexing machine dispenses canister desiccants into a wide range of containers for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Omega Design’s CDFI Canister Feeder is an intermittent-motion machine for inserting desiccants or oxygen absorbers into a broad range of bottles, jars, tubes, and vials. The latest addition to the company’s IMPACT series of packaging equipment, the compact, low-cost unit can accommodate up to 100 containers per minute. 

The CDFI Canister Feeder accurately dispenses single or multiple canister drops with a simple selector switch. It features a simple set-up and accepts canisters from all major manufacturers. The unit does not require bottle change parts and, with the appropriate tooling, can accommodate various size canisters from one to three grams. Changeover takes less than five minutes, and the machine can be supplied with a five-gallon canister reservoir or 10-gallon hopper with elevator. The CDFI Canister Feeder is built on a freestanding mobile frame for easy transport to conveying stations on factory floors. 

The unit works as follows: operators load desiccants into the hopper reservoir, then adjust the machine for the ensuing bottle run. An elevator belt carries desiccants into a sorter, down a vertical chute, and onto a dispensing plate. The desired quantity is then dispensed automatically, and the Allen Bradley programmable logic controller verifies that desiccants have exited the machine.

Source: Omega Design