Capstone Health Alliance and Bright Path Laboratories Enter Drug Shortage Agreement

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Bright Path will develop and produce APIs for hospitals facing drug shortages in the Capstone Health Alliance.

Bright Path Laboratories, a US-based contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company, and Capstone Health Alliance, a regional group purchasing organization, recently entered into an agreement to address current and future drug shortages for Capstone Health and its members. According to an Aug. 8, 2023 company press release, this system comprises more than 245 hospitals representing more than 120 health systems in 24 states and more than 30,000 non-acute healthcare members nationwide. The companies have identified key drug shortages impacting Capstone’s members, for which Bright Path will develop and produce APIs for use in the final products.

“The necessity to embrace innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing in the United States has never been greater. Bright Path’s … continuous flow advanced manufacturing platform will be an integral part of our nation’s supply chain readiness initiative,” said Tony Quinones, founder and CEO, Bright Path Laboratories, in the release. “Through our collaboration with Capstone Health Alliance we’ll expand domestic reach in providing safe and cost-efficient drugs and continue our work in solving the immediate and long-term challenges in our medicinal supply chain through our transformative technology.”

“Capstone Health Alliance continues to address the drug shortage issues that continue to affect our member organizations and ultimately, their ability to provide optimal patient care,” said Fred J. Pane, director, Pharmacy services, in the release. “Our commitment is to develop a consistent drug supply chain, while assuring the quality and integrity of this supply chain for our members. This innovative, disruptive, and collaborative initiative with Bright Path Labs will enable Capstone Health Alliance members to obtain drugs, which are 100% U.S. manufactured using green technology. These drugs will also be supplied in dosage forms, better serving our member’s operational, financial, and clinical needs, all while decreasing their carbon footprint.


Source: Capstone Health Alliance