Catalent Invests in Zydis Ultra Commercialization

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Catalent announces investment for its Zydis ODT technology, offering increased drug load and taste-masking capabilities.

Catalent Pharma Solutions plans to invest more than $27 million to commercialize Zydis Ultra, which allows an increased drug load and taste masking to be incorporated into the company’s Zydis oral disintegrating tablet (ODT), a freeze-dried tablet that disperses in the mouth without water. The investment includes new Zydis lines, changes to the Swindon, UK facility, and a custom suite for commercial equipment. The facility currently produces one billion ODT doses annually.

In a March 7, 2019 press statement announcing the investment, the company explained that Zydis Ultra enables a patented drug coating to be added to a product’s formulation, allowing the dosage of active ingredient to be up to four times higher than a conventional Zydis ODT, while maintaining its speed of dispersion and mouth feel. The coating will expand the types of drug candidates that can be formulated to include analgesics, anti-allergy treatments, and anti-infectives, Catalent reports.

Catalent told Pharmaceutical Technology that Zydis Ultra is being used for prescription and over-the-counter development molecules, with one product moving toward commercialization. More than 36 products have been launched using Zydis technology, the company reports.


Source: Catalent