Catalent's Fast Dissolve Technology Used for Allergy Immunotherapy Treatment

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Catalent?s Fast Dissolve Technology Used for Allergy Immunotherapy Treatment

When Danish pharmaceutical company ALK-Abelló A/S wanted to find a safe, effective delivery method for its Grazax allergy immunotherapy treatment, it applied Catalent’s proprietary Zydis® Bio fast dissolve technology, a unique, freeze-dried oral solid dosage form that dissolves instantly in the mouth. Allergy injection-based therapy had previously remained unchanged for 100 years, requiring monthly sub-cutaneous injection in a clinic.  Catalent’s Zydis Bio technology allowed ALK to successfully launch Grazax as the first “patient friendly” allergen immunotherapy. Administered daily at home, Grazax demonstrated improved tolerability over traditional treatments and delivered increased patient preference and compliance.

With more than 20 products launched in 50 countries, Catalent’s Zydis Fast Dissolve technology continues to be the world’s best in class, orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) technology. Catalent’s Zydis team is highly trained and offers feasibility testing as well as support across the entire product lifecycle. Whether a company is considering an ODT to enhance pharmacokinetics through pre-gastric absorption, looking for a way to improve patient compliance or seeking a marketing advantage for a valued brand, Zydis fast dissolve can help enhance investment value and accelerate a product’s potential.


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