Catapult, ANTRUK to Collaborate on Antimicrobial Research

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The companies will embark on a joint antimicrobial research project, with the intent to discover antibiotic combinations that target resistance.

Medicines Discovery Catapult, an applied R&D company specializing in drug discovery collaborative efforts, and ANTRUK Enterprises, a subsidiary of Antibiotic Research UK, a charity dedicated to investigating bacterial antibiotic resistance, have announced a joint research effort into antimicrobial resistance.

In partnership with professor Chris Dowson in the university’s infectious disease research group, Catapult researchers will combine antibiotics to target resistance and identify new resistance breakers, translating research into potential new treatments. This project, which will be the first performed at Catapult’s facility at the University of Warwick, will be driven by a comprehensive screening of antibiotic combinations and antibiotic-resistance breakers carried out by ANTRUK. The work at the university facility will apply this data to research efforts.

“Time is running out to tackle this looming catastrophe. Solving antibiotic resistance is a global challenge which is why collaboration is so vital. Through the inaugural project at our Warwick Facility, we’ll be supporting charities, and subject-matter experts respond to this increasingly significant health challenge,” said Chris Molloy, chief executive of Medicines Discovery Catapult, in a company press release. Bringing together the best minds, industry expertise and equipment will progress effective solutions faster, benefiting the UK’s economy and patient health.”


Source: Medicines Discovery Catapult