CGT Catapult and CATTI Establish Shared Training Standards for Advanced Therapies

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CGT Catapult and CATTI aim to standardize advanced therapy manufacturing with new aligned training standards.

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Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) and the Canadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute (CATTI) have developed a strategy that aligns training standards and assessment for the manufacture of advanced therapies. The organizations noted in a May 30, 2024 announcement that this strategy is an important first step toward building shared standards to facilitate access to a skilled workforce.

Advanced therapies are manufactured by highly trained personnel who are good manufacturing practice (GMP)-certified and who know how to operate in aseptic conditions. The current training and assessment for these personnel varies around the world, which makes it difficult for the workforce to relocate and for the industry to access global talent.

“This partnership marks a crucial step towards ensuring that our workforce is equipped with the highest level of expertise to meet industry demands. By setting these international standards, we aim to enhance the quality and safety of advanced therapies, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide,” said Vanessa Laflamme, CEO of CATTI, in the press release.

CATTI and the CGT Catapult first formed a collaboration in 2023 under which they aim to increase the levels of standardization in the training and assessment standards used in Canada and the United Kingdom. Since then, the organizations have aligned training materials and programs and have outlined a joint strategy that specifies which specific skills and competencies should be assessed. The goal is to establish a rigorous template that can then be applied across all manufacturing training materials and across various skill levels.


“By sharing expertise and working with CATTI, a leading provider of training for the advanced therapies industry, we have a valuable opportunity to enhance and standardize the training available to organizations and individuals. This builds on the efforts of the CGT Catapult to date and the investment we have made, alongside government, in developing a successful training program for the UK workforce. Together, we aim to ensure that our growing global sector is supported by a highly skilled workforce equipped with the latest knowledge and skills,” said Matthew Durdy, chief executive, CGT Catapult in the release.

CATTI also partnered with bioMérieux Canada in December 2023 to combine their capabilities to enhance workforce training in advanced therapies and the production of quality control solutions for the bio/pharmaceutical industry (1). Under this agreement, bioMérieux is responsible for deploying more than half a million dollars’ worth of analytical equipment and services in the CATTI training laboratory located at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. The training under this collaboration will equip highly qualified, GMP-certified personnel who are qualified to work under aseptic conditions with the skills and knowledge to manufacture anticancer immunotherapies, cell and gene therapies, vaccines, and other biotherapeutic applications.


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Source: CGT Catapult