Checkweigher for Pharma Packaging Inspection Aids Traceability

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The WIPOTEC-OCS TQS-HC-A-TE Checkweigher combines weight control with traceability and anti-counterfeiting capabilities.

WIPOTEC-OCS's compact, three-in-one checkweigher/serialization/tamper-evidence module for pharmaceutical applications has a small footprint machine design. The TQS-HC-A-TE Checkweigher combines precision weight monitoring, using electro-magnetic force restoration technology, with traceability and anti-counterfeiting elements increasingly required on pharmaceutical packaging lines, says the company.

The machine can perform serialization tasks, such as in-line printing of batch or unique product identifiers, print verification, and adding extra sensory data to a product’s unique identifier. It is equipped with tamper-evident labeling systems on both sides, allowing pharma manufacturers to seal the insertion flaps of folding boxes or apply further anti-counterfeiting vignettes from above. Combined, the traceability and tamper-evidence elements provide compliance with all foreseeable worldwide serialization, including the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act and the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive. 


The ConfigureFast User Interface, the transport system, coding unit, camera, scales, and labeler are all controlled with a single software application. The machine can handle up to 300 products per minute, with an upgrade available that doubles throughput capacity to as many as 600/min at a reduced printing resolution. Its maximum weighing range of 750 g also can be doubled, and options also are available that expand the base unit’s maximum product length (120 mm), height (150 mm) and depth (200 mm).