Circassia Invests $377 Million in Asthma Specialists

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UK-based Circassia invests approximately $377 million on Aerocrine and Prosonix, two companies focused on asthma.


Circassia Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on immunotherapies for the treatment of allergies, announced on May 15, 2015 that it agreed to buy Aerocrine and Prosonix for £239 million, or approximately US$377 million, according to an article from Reuters. The two companies, which are focused on developing treatments for asthma, will receive separate payments of approximately US$219 million (Aerocrine) and approximately US$158 million (Prosonix). 


"Aerocrine has products that they sell to allergy asthma specialists, the very customers we want to sell our allergy products to, so that's a really good strategic fit. Prosonix has near-term products that help us create an allergy-asthma specialist pharmaceutical company,” said Steve Harris, CEO of Circassia, in an interview with Reuters.