Coater Modul for MINILAB XP

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The MINILAB XP by DIOSNA is a well-known laboratory processor. With our new Coater Modul we offer a unit with a fluid bed processor and a horizontal coater in one.

DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne is a well-known supplier of pharmaceutical equipment with customers all over the world. Mixer-granulators, fluid bed processors, single pot systems and tablet coaters are essential DIOSNA components for our pharmaceutical clients. We offer a wide range of equipment from laboratory, over pilot to production scale.



With our new Coater Modul for the DIOSNA laboratory fluid bed processor MINILAB XP we expand the functions of our flexible and popular laboratory processer by one more important topic of the pharmaceutical industry in just one unit.


The Coater Module operates like a horizontal coater and has an inspection glass on the lid for a good process observation. The use of the Coater Module for film-coating in laboratory scale allows working with batch sizes from 500g to 2kg. The complete module is easily changeable by a supporting frame that is included in scope of supply. Using the Coating Module highly increases the flexibility of the MINILAB XP and keeps the size of the MINILAB XP unit nearly the same. The comfortable handling and great reproducibility of the MINILAB XP remain as usual.


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