Colorcon, TruTag Team Up On-Dose Authentication

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Under an agreement, Colorcon will incorporate TruTag’s edible microtag technology in its coatings.

Colorcon and TruTag Technologies, Inc. announced a development agreement to incorporate TruTag’s edible silica-based microtag authentication technology into Colorcon coatings use as on-dose verification for pharmaceutical tablets. 

Each edible silicon dioxide tag-manufactured without additional additives or markers-is encoded with an optical signature that can be verified by a smartphone application or a proprietary reader, the companies reported in an Aug. 6, 2019 press statement.

The technology can be used to authenticate products when suspect events occur and can be used to address counterfeiting, product diversion, returns monitoring, quality control, and product recalls in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

“On-dose authentication technology represents the next generation in pharmaceutical supply-chain security by providing a powerful tool for tracking product from plant to patient,” said Kelly Boyer, general manager, film coatings of Colorcon in the press statement. “By seamlessly enabling authentication, these digitized coatings confirm the quality and origin of medicines thereby safeguarding both patients and brands. Colorcon continues to advance technologies and services to meet industry challenges with innovative solutions.”


“Colorcon brings a shared vision for bringing innovation to the pharmaceutical industry, said Michael Bartholomeusz, CEO of TruTag Technologie, in the release. “They are market leaders in the film-coating space, and they have the caliber and reach to make intelligent coatings a new industry standard. We are thrilled to be working with them.”

Source: Colorcon