Comar Redesigns DoseGuard Valved Bottle Adapter

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The new DoseGuard design is compatible with standard 20-mm containers.

Comar, a manufacturer of child-safe dosing products for liquid medications, has redesigned its DoseGuard valved bottle adapter. The new DoseGuard design is compatible with standard 20-mm containers comprised of resins and glass, and accommodates standard oral syringes. The flexibility of DoseGuard allows it to more easily integrate with packaging lines, and gives manufacturers of liquid over-the-counter and prescription medications.

DoseGuard is a valved bottle adapter that fits into the neck of industry standard (20 mm) bottles. The adapter features a patented valve design that remains closed until the tip of an oral syringe is inserted. Once the oral syringe is inserted into the adapter, the valve opens, allowing for the extraction of medicine into the syringe. When the syringe is removed from the adapter, the valve closes, securing the liquid medicine once again. The opening of the valve is customizable to specific product viscosities, and its one-piece construction using a single material reduces contamination risks. Additional sizes can be added.

Comar will be attending the CPhI North America conference in Philadelphia, PA from May 16–18, 2017.


Source: Comar