Combined Label And Cap Protects Pharmaceutical Containers

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Schreiner MediPharm will introduce Flexi-Cap Protect, a label-and-cap combination with additional protection features, to the US market at INTERPHEX 2016.

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions, will introduce its new Flexi-Cap Protect to the US market at INTERPHEX NYC, April 26-28 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, NY, Booth No. 1053.

In addition to the label-and-cap combination in the original Flexi-Cap, the new product employs an additional cap that protects the bottom of bottles or vials against glass breakage and surface contamination. Flexi-Cap Protect’s label and two caps are applied without heat, so that the medicine’s properties are not impaired. The upper cap includes space for imprinting warning notices or codes for track-and-trace systems or for integrating near-field communication (NFC) inlays for interactive applications.

Flexi-Cap Protect was initially developed to contain cytostatics-highly potent substances that combat cancer cells but are extremely toxic for healthy cells. Therefore, it is imperative to protect packaging against surface contamination and glass breakage. Despite sophisticated advances in the filling and packaging processes for such pharmaceuticals, contamination of primary packaging cannot be completely avoided, and breakage of the glass containers that house them can have serious consequences.


Flexi-Cap Protect comprises a film cap positioned over the closed container. The label is applied without covering the peel-open tab of the opening strip. Once the strip is opened, the bottom part of the cap, together with the label, remains attached to the container. Attempting to remove the rest of the cap destroys the label, eliminating the possibility of unnoticed illegal reuse. Flexi-Cap enables flexible use with different container types, forms, and sizes.

Source: Schreiner MediPharm