Compact Quaternary Diaphragm Pump Has Space-Saving Design

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Quattroflow's compact-version QF1200CV pump is available in single- or multiple-use models.

Quattroflow, part of PSG, a Dover company, introduced the QF1200CV (Compact Version) Quaternary (four-piston) Diaphragm Pump to its family of biotech and pharmaceutical pumps. This pump system features a compact, space-saving design that integrates the pump chamber, pump drive, motor, and control box into one unit. The pump has a wide flow range from 10 to 1,200 L/h (2.64 to 317 gph) and is useful for tabletop and cleanroom applications.

The system offers “plug and pump” installation and startup with one power cable and a single-phase 230V motor. It is available in polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene materials of construction for single-use models, and PP single-use models can be autoclaved.  Multiple-use models offer clean-in-place/sterilize-in-place and autoclavability.

Quattroflow products primarily serve the biotech and pharmaceutical industries that require gentle displacement, reliability, product safety, purity, and cleanability. Quattroflow’s four-piston design does not have a mechanical shaft seal or wetted rotating parts, ensuring total product containment without abrasion or particle generation. Additionally, the four-piston principle enables risk-free dry-running, low pulsation, and self priming.


Source: Quattroflow