Consumer Trends in Pharma Packaging

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The World Packaging Organization will present a keynote session at CPhI discussing trends affecting pharmaceutical packaging, including user-friendly design.

At CPhI Worldwide, AVPS Chakravarthi, global ambassador with the World Packaging Organization, will present a keynote session “Latest Consumer Trends in Packaging: Pharma Perspective.” 

Pharmaceuticals and their packaging are becoming more user-centric and customized, notes Chakravarthi. Evidence-based medicine, comparative effectiveness research, patient-centric packaging, and price performance are all significant concepts to be considered. The primary challenge for packaging remains the need to balance user-friendly design and adhering to all technical specifications with meeting regulatory requirements. “Design is all the more critical because you need to address the needs of people of different culture, habits, age, language, ability, and so on,” he notes. 

“Digital printing innovations in packaging, dynamic and disruptive packaging, innovations that extend the shelf-life of various products substantially from current levels, and commercial use of nanotechnology in packaging are some of the key things to happen in the immediate future,” adds Chakravarthi. “Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered into packaging arena much faster than expected, and I believe all future packaging projects will use AI as an integral part.”


The World Packaging Organization is a global organization with the purpose of encouraging the development of packaging technology, science, access, and engineering. The group works through national packaging organizations and other members and interested parties to promote the packaging industry and encourage communication on packaging-related issues. 

This keynote session will be presented in the Innopack/P-MEC Theatre (4F121) on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, at 10:30 am.