Continuous Manufacturing for Rapid Process Development

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Keynote SeriesPharmaceutical Technology and BioPharm International are sponsoring a Keynote Series session on strategies and innovations to reduce drug shortages and improve availability of medicines on the INTERPHEX 2016 Exhibit Hall Innovation Stage. Admission is free to any attendee with an exhibit hall pass.

Wednesday, April 27
1:30–3:15 pm
Strategies and Innovations to Reduce Drug Shortages and Improve Availability of Medicines
Aging facilities and equipment, inadequate operator training, a lack of quality control, tighter regulatory enforcement, and business decisions to eliminate unprofitable product lines contribute to ongoing shortages vital drug products. In this session, industry thought leaders will identify triggers for drug shortages, methods to avoid production line shutdowns and update facilities, and innovative industry efforts to fulfill demand for needed therapies. A Q&A session will follow the presentations.

2:30-3 pm
Continuous Manufacturing for Rapid Process Development
In recent years the pharmaceutical industry has begun to adopt continuous manufacturing technology for the manufacture of traditional solid dosage forms.   With this we have seen numerous benefits of the technology come to light including lower cost expedited development due to the ability to develop at scale.  Many early adopters have reported on savings in time and materials that more than compensate for the capital required to transition to continuous as compared to a new batch operation.   These savings in time and materials allow for more detailed investigations of design space and more robust development even for breakthrough therapies.  More recently, US government agencies have begun to investigate continuous as a methodology for developing solid dosage products and processes needed for national security.  This presentation will outline some of the new approaches being taken in this space and the benefits that will result.  

Speaker: Douglas B. Hausner, PhD, Rutgers University/C-SOPS

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