CordenPharma Launches New LNP Starter Kits for mRNA Formulation

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CordenPharma’s new starter kits are designed to enable effective formulation in the development of mRNA-based therapeutics.

On Feb. 28, 2024, CordenPharma International announced the launch of its new Lipid NanoParticle (LNP) Starter Kits for the formulation of messenger RNA (mRNA)-based therapeutics, such as mRNA vaccines or gene therapies. The starter kits are designed to provide researchers and developers with the essential components needed to create and optimize their own LNPs for mRNA delivery.

The new LNP kits include four key lipids: ionizable lipids, helper lipids, sterols, and PEGylated lipids. In addition, the kits are curated using representative materials from commercial-scale sources. These characteristics mitigate potentially negative outcomes and loss of valuable payload due to subpar lipid quality, and eliminate the risk associated with changing lipid sources from the R&D phase to clinical phases, according to a company press release.

The kits are designed to facilitate easy formulation screening and enable the generation of LNPs that can provide efficient transfection in different cell types, including immortalized and/or primary cell cultures. The kits can be used for animal in-vivo applications, including pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies and mRNA transfection efficacy proof-of-concept studies. They have also been tested with green fluorescent protein-mRNA as cargo and have successfully implemented testing for synthetic RNAs (such as small interfering RNA) and DNA.

The kits allow users to fine-tune the LNP formulation process and achieve production of nanoparticles with the desired physicochemical characteristics, such as polydispersity index ≤0.2 and a size range between 30–150 nm, depending on specific LNP reaction conditions, lipid composition, and cargo used.


“CordenPharma is proud to introduce this new LNP Starter Kit concept, as it represents a great synergy between our Lipid and LNP expertise that helps accelerate time to market and provide access to the most efficient compositions of the LNP-based drug development field for the delivery of RNA, DNA and gene therapy payloads across various important therapeutic indications, with an ultimately profound effect on saving the lives of patients,” said Matthieu Giraud, CordenPharma’s senior director, Global Lipids & Carbohydrates Platform, in the press release.

Source: CordenPharma International