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CordenPhama experts manufacturing Synthetic Lipids as part of their Peptides / Lipids / Carbohydrates Technology Platform – visit CordenPharma at the Controlled Release Society – Booth 903 or here for more information.



CordenPharma is a full-service partner in the Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO) of APIs, Drug Products and associated Packaging Services. Through a network of fully-inspected cGMP facilities across Europe and the US organized under six technology platforms – Peptides / Lipids / Carbohydrates, Injectables, Highly Potent, Small Molecules, Antibiotics, Oncology - CordenPharma experts translate complex ideas at any stage of development into high-value products.

By utilizing specialized technology in the manufacture of Bio-organic APIs (Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates), CordenPharma experts manufactureSynthetic Lipids for API Products and Drug Delivery (Glycero-phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Cationic Lipids) at their CordenPharma Switzerland manufacturing facility. CordenPharma's scientists have mastered the chemical total synthesis of Complex Phospholipid Derivatives from multi-gram to multi-kilogram scale. CordenPharma also pioneered the chemistry and large-scale manufacture of MPEG-Conjugated Phospholipids, rendering them superior quality products in complex liposome formulation processes. A wide selection of Readily-Available Phospholipids suitable for Research & Development is also available from stock.


CordenPharma is additionally well-known for expertise in manufacturing Peptide APIs (using solid-phase, solution-phase, & hybrid solid-solution phase technologies), Carbohydrates and Conjugates.


Visit CordenPharma at the upcoming Controlled Release Society, Booth 903, July 26-29, 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland orclick here for more information on CordenPharma Lipids.


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