Core2Clean Plus System

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The Core2Clean Plus System incorporates spray, mop and fog capabilities all in one unit. The system is easy for operators to use and offers many benefits to your cleaning processes.

Core2Clean® Plus System

Veltek Associates, Inc. has developed the patented Core2Clean® Plus System that incorporates spray, mop and fog capabilities all in one unit.  The Core2Clean® Plus has been specifically designed to address appropriate moping technique to maximize saturation of surfaces and for precise and accurate spraying. 


The system provides a clean solution to the surface each time eliminating the concerns of cross contamination from dirtied solutions.  The Core2Clean® Plus system makes moving from one controlled area to the next simple by excluding the requirement to make a new solution in addition to the ability to self-clean the unit before entering the next controlled area.

The Core2Clean® Plus system provides a continuous and consistent chemical flow that will soak the surface better for increased disinfectant contact time.  The Core2Clean® Plus is also easy to use reducing the time it takes to clean and the chance of operator error. The 316L stainless steel construction is ASME, CE & UL rated and completely autoclavable.   

Company Name: Veltek Associates, Inc.