CPHI China Opens its International Partnering Program After China Goes Up in CPHI Index

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CPHI China and P-MEC China has opened its online partnering platform after China experienced gains in the CPHI Pharma Index.

The online international partnering platform for CPHI China and P-MEC China has opened after China experienced gains in the CPHI Pharma Index, rising in its overall score by 7.2%, it was announced in a June 6, 2022 press release.

As the in-person event has been postponed until Dec. 20–22, 2022, the online partnering platform, which will run for two months, is of increased importance. The digital platform has been designed to help international companies pre-select new partners and to begin discussions at an earlier time point.

China’s largest year-on-year growth areas in the CPHI Pharma Index were in ‘solid dose manufacturing innovation’, ‘quality of bioprocessing’, and ‘API manufacturing’, which rose by 9.5%, 11%, and 7.4%, respectively. Furthermore, a rise in the number of biotech companies within the country is anticipated to power competition for manufacturing partners.


“There is a great deal of interest for partnering in China, as discovery and manufacturing continue to grow and, of course, it remains the largest producer of pharmaceutical ingredients—so in the absence of an in-person event we knew we had to offer alternatives,” said Laura Murina, brand manager at CPHI & P-MEC China, in the press release. “High quality partners are in great demand, and we wanted to simplify process of nurturing new contacts.”

Source: CPHI China