CPHI Pharma Index Indicates Record High for Global Pharma Confidence

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Metrics from the CPHI Annual Survey suggest that confidence in the global pharma market has risen significantly in the past year.

Announced at CPHI Frankfurt, the CPHI Annual Survey – which features insights from 400 global pharma companies – revealed that global pharma confidence in growth, innovation, and manufacturing quality has reached record highs.The overall CPHI Pharma Index, a collateralized metric of all major ranking categories, has risen by more than 8%, the largest year-on-year gain in the survey’s six year history.

According to the results, the United States remained at the top of the pharma industry rankings, while Germany remained in second and the United Kingdom knocked Japan off the podium; both of these countries posted double-digit growth. Notably, the range of scores continued to decrease this year, which might suggest a narrowing between industry powerhouses and emerging pharma nations.

India had the most significant score change, ranking alongside leading western nations for the first time; the country also retained its high score for growth potential. India also continued to improve in terms of “API Quality”, with a 15% improvement, second only to China’s 25% improvement in this sector. India is now level with both Switzerland and Japan in this category, while China rivals France and Italy.


“These findings are incredibly positive for pharma manufacturers and demonstrate that the industry believes they have made great strides to further improve quality,” said Adam Anderson, executive vice-president, Informa Markets, in an agency press release. “It’s also very encouraging that, as we open CPHI Frankfurt, we see such optimism for pharmaceutical production next year, with the industry bucking wider macroeconomic headwinds. The partnerships established this week at CPHI Frankfurt will be invaluable in helping deliver on this potential and I encourage the industry not only to meet in person, but to also use all the post-event digital partnering tools available.”

Source: CPHI