CPhI Releases Expert Panel for Annual Industry Report

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The panel includes 12 experts from a variety of disciplines.

CPhI Worldwide announced the members of the expert panel for the fourth edition of the CPhI Worldwide Annual Industry Report. The panel includes 10 returning industry experts from 2015. The industry report will be released in three parts during September and October 2016.

The CPhI Expert Panel members for 2016 include:

  • Gil Roth, president, PBOA

  • Alan Sheppard, principal, Global Generics at IMS Health

  • Vivek Sharma, CEO, Piramal Enterprises Ltd.

  • Ajaz Hussain, founder and CEO, Insight Advice & Solutions LLC

  • Minzhang Chen, CEO, STA Pharma (Wuxi Apptec)

  • Dilip Shah, CEO, Vision Consulting Group

  • Prabir Basu, Pharma Manufacturing and Regulations Consultant

  • Brian Carlin, director, Open Innovation, FMC

  • Emil Cuirczak, president, Doramaxx Consulting

  • Bikash Chatterjee, president and CSO, PharmTech Associates

  • Girish Malhotra, president, EPCOT International

  • Ravi Limaye, president, Marketing at Biocon

The report is a comprehensive publication that analyzes key trends and innovations forecast by a panel of experts. In a series of opinions and articles, the CPhI experts call upon their commercial and technical experience to discuss the future direction, technologies, opportunities, and threats in pharma. The 2016 report will provide an overview of contract services growth, and predictions about continuous processing and 3D printing of finished formulations

Source: CPhI