CPI Supports Project to Develop Biotherapeutic Platform

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CPI, has supported a project focused on developing and integrating novel recombinant prokaryotic lectins (RPLs) into a biosensor-based platform.

UK-based technology innovation center, CPI, has supported a project, funded by Innovate UK, focused on developing and integrating novel recombinant prokaryotic lectins (RPLs) into a biosensor-based platform.

The platform will allow for the simplified, rapid, high-throughput, and cost-effective characterization and monitoring of the glycosylation of biotherapeutic products, it was revealed in a June 4, 2019 press release. As many biotherapeutics exist in a glycosylated form, monitoring of the glycan profile throughout product development and manufacture is important.

Through a collaborative effort between CPI, GlycoSeLect UK, ForteBio-Molecular Devices, and Allergan Biologics, the novel glycan analysis platform was created at CPI’s Darlington-based National Biologics Manufacturing Centre that has the capability to reduce costs and accelerate product development pipelines. The project developed an assay platform to define the glycosylation profiles of biotherapeutics, using ForteBio-Molecular Devices’ Octet instrument to detect interactions between GlycoSeLect’s RPLs and a range of biotherapeutic proteins, provided by Allergan Biologics.

Consortium partners validated the assay, which was found to be able to establish the linearity of response and limits of detection, robustness, reproducibility, and specificity. Additionally, the assay was found to be effective on both purified and in-process biotherapeutic proteins and allowed for real-time analysis. 


“CPI is delighted to have worked with GlycoSeLect UK as well as the other project partners, ForteBio-Molecular Devices and Allergan Biologics, on this project supporting the development of an innovative, novel approach to rapidly analyze glycan profiles of biotherapeutic proteins,” said Dr. John Liddell, chief technologist, Centre for Process Innovation, in a press release. “The rapid, high-throughput platform developed for the key quality attribute of glycosylation will help to streamline development and manufacture of biotherapeutic proteins contributing to lower costs and faster development of new medicines.” 

Robert Dunne, CEO of GlycoSeLect UK, added, “GlycoSeLect’s team were pleased to collaborate with their fellow researchers at CPI, ForteBio-Molecular Devices, and Allergan to deliver a successful Innovate UK funded project. Our RPL technology has been shown to be the core of a high throughput analytical platform for glycan analysis of biotherapeutic products. On behalf of GlycoSeLect, I want to thank our colleagues from CPI, Allergan ForteBio-Molecular Devices, and InnovateUK for their input.”

Source: CPI