CRB Releases Trends and Insights Report

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CRB’s Horizons: Life Sciences report covers challenges facing manufacturers and how to keep pace with rapid innovation.

CRB, a life sciences consulting company, recently announced the release of the Horizons: Life Sciences report. The report, available as a free download on the CRB site, discusses various challenges facing manufacturers and how they can keep pace with rapid innovation.

According to a company press release from Sept. 27, 2022, the report features perspectives from approximately 500 industry leaders representing North American, European, and Multinational companies; primarily, they serve in R&D roles upstream of Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturing. The report’s eight chapters analyze various trends and their impact on submarkets, as well as survey data on what companies are doing to drive success. Topics of note include the importance of diversification, multimodal manufacturing, talent, and partnerships.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic taught us new lessons about the quick and safe delivery of critical vaccines, the learnings from that global shock are only now being understood,” writes Tim Barba, CRB’s COO for Global Technical Operations, CRB, in the report’s opening passages. “They guide our thinking about highly adaptable research and production environments. They inform our collaboration with industry and trade partners in the pursuit of cures. They even teach us to focus inward to make sure our researchers, support teams and staff have the right tools, technology, and high-level support required to get the job done.”


Source: CRB