CURE Pharmaceutical Receives Patent for Oral Thin Film Technology

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Cure Pharmaceutical secured a patent that lets the company load higher drug amounts to its proprietary drug delivery system, CUREfilm.

CURE Pharmaceutical announced the allowance of US Application No. 13/890,875, a patent that will enable the company to load higher amounts of drug active on an oral thin film (OTF) using its proprietary drug delivery system, CUREfilm, according to a July 24, 2019 press statement .

The patent enables the preparation of edible thin films that deliver high doses of active ingredients that are encapsulated using lipids to form micelles or liposomes. With the new patent in place, the company can now use its OTF product for specific drug opportunities including cannabidiol and sildenafil oral soluble films.

“The challenge with oral soluble film technology is creating a fast-dissolving and pleasant-tasting film that packs a high dose of medication–50mg or higher per unit,” said Rob Davidson, CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical, in the press statement. “Now, we can enable oral film compositions containing more than 30 percent of active ingredient, which can achieve flavor masking, protection from degradation, and increased transmucosal absorption.”