Cytiva Advances Fiber Chromatography Technology with New Launch

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The launch of HiScreen Fibro PrismA, the company’s newest product for early mAb purification process development strengthens Cytiva’s new fiber-based Protein A platform.

On Jan. 27, 2021, Cytiva announced the launch of HiScreen Fibro PrismA, the newest product available for early monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification process development. The product complements HiTrap Fibro PrismA, the company’s new fiber-bases Protein A platform launched for research applications in 2020.

The Fibro technology features an open porous adsorbent material comprising cellulose fibers designed for rapid mass transfer. Fibro PrismA uses the same chromatography systems, infrastructure, and ligands as resin chromatography, which allows for simple transition into existing biomanufacturing facilities.

The Fibro technology enables rapid cycling chromatography, which accelerates research and process development, and increases productivity in large-scale manufacturing. The technology involves the combination of high resin-binding capacity and the high flow rates of membranes in a scalable product that enables hundreds of cycles to be run in a single day, translating to a 20-fold increase in productivity for single-use manufacturing. The time savings creates substantial cost savings and helps bring therapies to market faster, Cytiva said in a company press release. The technology has been selected and is currently used by more than 300 academic labs and biomanufacturers.

“Capture purification with Fibro PrismA technology is a lot faster than it is with classic Protein A resin columns and allows us to speed up our workflow. The product quality is comparable to resin purification and the eluate is more concentrated. This is a great technology that allows rapid [P]rotein A purification and saves precious time, while maintaining the product quality we are used to from resin Protein A purification,” said Katja Rüger, researcher with Teneobio, in the press release.


“Fibro PrismA technology could be the largest improvement to mAb platforms over the past decade. Using Ology Bio’s mAb platform, we have gained two orders of magnitude greater productivity using Fibro PrismA than MabSelect PrismA resin,” said Ryan Davis, senior scientist at Ology Biosciences, in the press release.

“We’ve raised the bar with our new Fibro technology. Fibro Prism A represents a step-change in performance that could really accelerate the development and manufacture of monoclonal antibodies. With the introduction of fiber chromatography, our customers can choose between fiber and resin chromatography technologies that offer both high performance and proven reliability,” added Olivier Loeillot, vice-president, Cytiva, in the press release.

Source: Cytiva