Daiichi Sankyo Condemns Falsely-represented Product

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Product sold online in Malaysia and Indonesia infringes on the company’s trademark.

Daiichi Sankyo warned that a product being sold online to consumers in Malaysia and Indonesia is illegally using Daiichi Sankyo’s name, logo, and registered trademark and is not manufactured or sold by any Daiichi Sankyo Group companies or subcontractors. The package of the falsely represented product, Glutax 4G Premium, is similar to one of Daiichi Sankyo’s Asian prescription-drug products, the company reported. Daiichi Sankyo placed advertisements in Malaysian and Indonesian consumer publications to warn consumers of the deceit.

Daiichi Sankyo said that the advertisements were published because protecting consumers is its highest priority. The advertisements were published in Malaysian newspapers at the end of January and in February magazine issues, as well as in Indonesian newspapers at the end of February and in March or April magazine issues. The company is preparing to take legal action and is consulting with Malaysian authorities, the company announced in a

March 5, 2013 press release