The Daikyo Crystal Zenith Insert Needle Syringe System

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Protect your drug product?s integrity with the industry?s first adhesive- and tungsten-free insert needle syringe system, the Daikyo Crystal Zenith Insert Needle Syringe System.

The Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Insert Needle Syringe System: A first-in-class, prefillable syringe solution for drug administration

Protect your drug product’s integrity with the industry’s first adhesive- and tungsten-free insert needle syringe system – the Daikyo Crystal Zenith Insert Needle Syringe System. Made from a break-resistant cyclic olefin polymer, the insert needle design minimizes potential contamination and product waste due to manufacturing and performance issues associated with traditional glass and staked-needle syringe systems.

The syringe barrel and piston are silicone-oil-free to help maximize purity and reduce risk. The piston with Daikyo Flurotec® barrier film helps minimize the effect of extractables and leachables. Flurotec barrier film also provides superior functional performance without the addition of silicone oil for lubricity. The syringe system is provided sterile and ready-to-fill in a package designed to be compatible with existing filling technologies.


The break-resistant system offers a variety of benefits that maximize value, enhance delivery and minimize risk, including:

  • Designed to maximize stability, purity and efficacy of your drug product

  • Manufactured to exacting standards in a clean room environment

  • 100% vision inspection

  • Potential to reduce protein aggregation caused by packaging materials

  • Excellent glass-like transparency

  • Suitable for high-viscosity products and those requiring low-temperature storage

  • Designed to be compatible with auto-injectors

  • Custom design and molding capabilities provide the flexibility to develop innovative new systems


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