Danaher Reports Revenue Increases of 17% in 2016

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Operational improvements at Pall contributed to the overall growth in the Danaher life-sciences sector.

In Danaher’s life-sciences sector, reported revenue was up 6% and core revenue grew 4% during the fourth quarter of 2016. Reported operating profit margin increased to 16.8%, and reported revenue for 2016 was up 17% from 2015.

Danaher executives said operational improvements seen at Pall were a growth driver for the company. Growth in the single-use business at Pall, however, was offset by declines in its process technologies business. Nonetheless, the company managed to release 35 new products in 2016, which the team said got to market 25% faster than products in 2015.

The Danaher team also mentioned that 2016 brought the release of the SCIEX X500B mass spectrometer for the characterization of biologics and the close of the acquisition of Phenomenex, a chromatography consumables business.


Source: Seeking Alpha