Delivering on the Potential of mRNA Therapeutics

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Pharmaceutical Technology, The Real Message Behind Commercial mRNA Products, April 2023 eBook, Volume 2023 eBook, Issue 3
Pages: 26–34

The complexity of the RNA production process creates challenges.

RNA has been likened to software; once a delivery method is discovered, the sequence can be changed to produce any protein in the body. However, the apparent simplicity of the principle belies the complexity of the production process, and many challenges remain.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) prophylactic vaccines achieved major breakthroughs during the COVID-19 pandemic, gaining approval in more than 150 countries. The speed with which these vaccines were taken to market was a testament to the drive of the innovators, suppliers, and regulatory bodies involved. Now that the general principle is proven, there is much work to do to fully exploit the potential of mRNA in non-COVID infectious diseases, such as immuno-oncology, auto-immune diseases, protein replacement therapies, and gene-editing, to name but a few applications.

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David Ricketts is director of Business Development; Nevin Witman is a consultant for etherna; Phil Challis is VP Product Development; Senne Dillen is senior scientist Drug Substance and Drug Product Development; and Bernard Sagaert is interim CEO, all with etherna.

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Pharmaceutical Technology
eBook: The Real Message Behind Commercial mRNA Products
April 2023
Pages: 26–34


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