DFE Pharma launches MCC

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As of February 2013 DFE Pharma offers two grades of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) - Pharmacel® 101 and Pharmacel® 102 - to its global customers. MCC is, together with lactose and superdisintegrants, one of the most commonly used diluents in drug formulations. These three key excipients are now available from one single supplier DFE Pharma, unlocking potential synergies for you.

In December 2011, DFE Pharma completed the acquisition of Brahmar Cellulose Products Private Limited (BCPL), one of India’s leading excipient producers. After a successful period of consolidation, BCPL is now a fully integrated part of the global DFE Pharma organisation. We believe this gives us additional capability to serve our customers even better than before. The BCPL acquisition allowed DFE Pharma to significantly broaden its excipients portfolio with world-class MCC products.

The MCC global market introduction is an exciting move that enables us to build on a combination of strengths, further widening our portfolio and taking an important step in our pursuit of excipient excellence. All our capabilities, quality standards and support services apply as much to MCC as to our other products. We continue to develop and produce the best possible excipient solutions for our customers and look forward to serving you in the future with reliable solutions in pharmaceutical excipients.