Dow Highlights Solutions for Formulation Challenges at CPhI Worldwide

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Dow’s portfolio of solutions for pharmaceutical applications now includes products from Dow Corning’s silicone technology platform.

Dow Pharma Solutions, a business unit of the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, will share excipient solutions for formulation challenges at its booth at CPhI Worldwide 2017. Dow’s portfolio of solutions for pharmaceutical applications now includes products from Dow Corning’s silicone technology platform. At the show, Dow will showcase the following technologies: 

  • Dow Corning topical excipients specifically developed to facilitate patient compliance, help improve aesthetic, and increase formulation flexibility. 


  • Dow Corning innovative range of topical ingredients with enhanced spreading and sensory properties enabling novel approaches to acne management such as patches. 

  • Productivity and solubility enhancement polymers:

  • Methocel DC2 for direct compression, which helps shorten development time and reduces manufacturing costs by up to 60%. 

  • Ethocel high-productivity (HP) polymers optimized for dry powder layering processes and can coat 40–60% faster than current multi-particulate coating technologies. 

  • Affinisol HPMCAS uniquely tailored to address the solubilization performance requirements of APIs through stable solid dispersion and inhibition of API crystallization. Affinisol HPMC HME provides improved thermal properties conceived for hot melt extrusion. 

Aligned with the trend for large molecule drugs and personalized medicine, Dow will also showcase its range of bio-pharma processing solutions for platinum-catalyzed pharma tubing and over-molded assemblies. Both are designed to meet the stringent performance and regulatory requirements of biopharmaceutical processes for fluids transportation in various upstream and downstream steps. This technology is particularly crucial during the final filling step where the highly valuable final drug product is in direct contact with silicone tubing.

Dow experts will also be giving technical presentations during show and sharing insights at the women in leadership forum. Topics for discussion, include:

  • Oct. 24, 12:30–13:00 (G1A2)-Solving the insoluble: Innovative solutions for solubility enhancement with technical service and development scientist Meinolf Brackhagen. 

  • Oct. 24, 15:10–15:40 (G1A2)-Characterization and control of platinum-catalyzed silicone tubing for biopharmaceutical applications with application specialist Lise Tan-Sien-Hee. 

  • Oct. 25, 11:50–12:40 (G1A2)-Key impact of silicone excipients on the skin delivery of corticosteroid drugs with technical service and development and formulation specialist Virginie Caprasse. 

  • Oct. 25, 8:00–11:15-Empowering Women in Pharma Panel Discussion with forum chair Dr. Amina Faham. “Empowering women in the pharma industry to push for the senior-level roles they deserve is the first step to make a dynamic change in workplace diversity,” said Amina Faham, global pharma leader. “As more businesses, like ours advance diversity and inclusion, there will no longer be a lack of opportunity and availability for women to seize these roles.” In this Dow-sponsored event, Faham and fellow women in leadership will share their perspective on strategies to build an inclusive environment and empower women to pave their routes to leadership roles. 

Source: Dow, Stand 102A50