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 The DPTE-BetaBag®, the gold standard for ultra-clean transfer, a simple, validated solution that offers huge benefits along the production chain in the crucial stage of leaktight transfer of aseptic and/or products.



DPTE® transfer system: an ingenious solution

Secure leaktight transfer of material in and out of an isolator, a RABS, a biosafety cabinet or a cleanroom is safely carried out with the completely  validated and patented DPTE® transfer system. The DPTE® Alpha port is mounted on a support (e.g. an isolator surface) while the Beta unit is movable and seals off a container, transfer isolator or other suitable device. Successive bi-directional  transfer operations can be done without breaking the integrity of the sterile or toxic environment contained within the alpha and beta components.



The DPTE® Alpha port and Beta accessories are available in 4 standard sizes: 105, 190, 270 and 350. The Alpha port is available in the DPTE®-XS or DPTE®-XO model.


DPTE® Beta parts include DPTE-BetaBags®, PE containers, re-usable autoclavable containers and plastic tubing.


DPTE-BetaBags® are supplied ready-to-sterilize and pre-sterilized, for a variety of applications including transfer of liquid and powder, caps, stoppers, vials, environmental monitoring kits, cleaning consumables, disposal of waste products etc. Manufactured in ultra-clean production conditions, each bag is rigorously tested before release. All stages of the manufacturing process are examined and documented in compliance with GMP, giving significant time and cost savings for end-users.


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