Drug Recalls

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Drug Recall

The US Food and Drug Administration has logged three drugrecalls, all inititated by the manufacturers, since March 11. Thethree recalls are:

  • On March 15, McKesson Packaging Services (Concord, NC), startedsending out letters recalling  4755 boxes of institutional-useSky brand blister packs and punch cards of acetaminophen (manufacturedby Magno-Humphries Laboratories of Tigard, OR) that might contain metalparticles.

  • On March 11, Malinckrodt (Berkeley, MO) began its recall of1194 thousand-tablet bottles of propoxyphene napsylate andacetaminophen tablets because the bottle label referred to pinktablets, while those batches of the product were white.

  • On April 4, Wyeth's Richmond Division (Richmond, VA) becanrecalling 28,727 thousand-tablet bottles of Premarin conjugatedestrogen tablets (in 0.625 and 0.3 mg dosages), citing dissolution failures.

–Douglas McCormick