Drug Solutions Podcast: How Pfizer Views Partnering and Investing for Emerging Therapies

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How Pfizer’s external-facing research and development scientists uncover the most promising emerging therapy concepts and ideas in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Through research collaborations, consortia, licensing, investments, and acquisitions, the emerging science and innovation team at Pfizer seeks to harness external, cutting-edge preclinical assets and novel technologies in emerging therapies. Increasingly, the focus is on true first-in-class mechanisms, if not only in class programs, that would allow real breakthroughs for patients.

Chris Spivey, editorial director, interviews Uwe Schoenbeck, senior vice president and chief scientific officer for emerging science and innovation at Pfizer. Some of the areas discussed include repeat expansion disorders, senescence, DNA damage response and nucleic acid sensing, deubiquitinase pathways, and neuroinflammation. Pfizer feels these hold special promise for new innovative therapies.


About the speaker

Dr. Uwe Schoenbeck is chief scientific officer, external research and development innovation (ERDI), and senior vice president, worldwide research and development (WRD), for Pfizer. ERDI is responsible for identifying and establishing relationships with key external partners to capitalize on complementary areas of expertise. Through these collaborations, ERDI creates unique opportunities for Pfizer researchers and partners to drive the discovery and development of potential new therapies that address areas of high unmet medical need.

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